1.  Cabinet work, including:-
      a) Cabinet appointments, salaries and privileges of Ministers; and
      b) All Secretariat work of the Cabinet including convening of meetings.

2.    General Co-ordination.
3.    Honours, Awards and Sanads for Public Service.
4.     Cypher and other Codes.
5.    Ceremonials including:-
       a) Warrant of Precedence, Table of precedence and protocol;
       b) AJ&K Flag Rules;
       c) Civil Uniforms;
       d) Court mourning; and
       e) Liveries and clothing Rules;

6.  Holidays.
7. Office management, including;-a) Civil Secretariat  and Government offices generally;
      b) Secretariat  standing orders; and
      c) Memorials and petitions standing orders.

7.    Preparation of civil list.
8.    Service Associations.
9.    Service rules relating to various services and posts and interpretation thereof.
10.  Rights and interests of members of Services
11.   Matters connected with the recruitment, training, pay, allowances, promotion, leave, posting and transfers of:-

         a) i)  AJ&K Secretariat.
             ii) Ministerial establishment of the AJ&K Secretariat
         b) Matters concerning Lent officers/ deputationists from Pakistan.

12   Re- employment of retired officers.
13.   Appointment of Commissions of Inquiry or panel  of officers in cases of misconduct of Government Servants.
14.   Organization and methods including;-

         a) Periodic Review  of the organization staff, functions and procedure of the departments,
             Attached Department and Subordinate Offices and suggestions for improvement thereof;
         b) Improvement  of general efficiency and economic  execution of  Government  business
         c)  Advice  regarding proper utilization of stationery and printing resources of
              the Government        
         d) training in organization and Method;
         e) suggestions Scheme;
         f) preparation of Manuals;
         g) career  pattern of Government employees;
         h) review  of the staffing pattern  of Government Departments;
         i) simplification of forms and procedures;
         j) departmental examinations;
         k) in- service/ pre-service training of ministerial employees and Section Officers;
         l) matters connected with training  at the National Institutes  of Public Administration ,
           Lahore Peshawar,  Quetta &  Karachi & Pakistan Academy  for Rural Development
           Peshawar (Divisional level Courses);
        m) O& M assignments.

15. Administrative matters relating to Public Service Commission.
16. Framing and alteration of Rules of Business for Government and allocation of Business among ministers.
17. Provision of residential  accommodation to Government Servants;-

      i) Sponsoring and co-ordination of schemes relating to the construction of pooled
         Government accommodation for residences.
         N.B  Maintenance, additions, alteration and improvements in respect of such schemes
        shall continue to rest with Communication and Works Departments.
      ii) Allotment of residential accommodation including requisitioning of private houses for
          residential purposes and assessment of rent.
      iii) Civil Secretariat Complex; and
      iv) General Co-ordination in the above matters

18. Observance of national days
19. Provisions of official address system
20. Monitoring the implementation of Government policies.
21. Official Language Committee.
22. High officers Reservation.
23. Identity cards for Civil officers.
24. Compilation of the list of persons dismissed/ debarred for future employment under Govt. for submission to the Government of Pakistan.
25. Partition work.
26. Absorption of surplus staff and allied matters.
27. Expeditious finalization of delayed pension and G.P Fund cases.
28. Employees welfare schemes.
29. Administrative matters relating to Service Tribunal.
30. Essential Services maintenance Act.

     i)   Standardization of stores/ equipments etc of common use of all departments;
     ii)  Examination and approval of the recommendations of the departmental standardization
          of stores/equipments etc; of specialized nature to be used by a particular department.
     iii) Approval of amendments/ deletions etc. in the list of standardized stores/ equipment etc;
          proposed by the  Departmental Standardization Committee.
     iv) Issuance of purchase Manual and its amendments/ clarifications etc whenever required in
          consultation with Finance Department.

32.    Purchase of stores and capital goods for the Department.