Chief Secretary Message

Dr. Ijaz Munir

“Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir is highly resourceful geographic entity which is endowed with enormous natural resources and whose optimal use has tendency to entail abundant socio-economic benefits for its dwellers and meaningfully adding to public exchequer. We have to simply design and tap these resources coupled with innovative solutions. One will appreciate that technological advancements in recent times have paved the way for fastest dissemination of information and it remains up to us that how wisely we receive its undeniable societal benefits. If we are successful to translate our governance framework leveraging from technological solutions, realizing rule of law in governance dynamics isn’t a distant task. This is a credible way, I suppose, to simmer the real benefits for the public we serve and even can effectively antidote the adversaries in the dynamics of existing rule of law and good governance.  I look forward and am quite optimistic that this web portal of S&GAD will be a footprint for the rest of the functionaries to emulate and join a paradigm shift of e-governance to secure the objective of right to information and efficient service delivery".