Secretary Message

Ch. Liaqat Hussain

AJK Civil Service—like federal or other provincial governments—is unequivocally meant for efficient public service delivery subsumed by the Constitution and the law; specifically to uphold the rule of law within governance framework. Today, the developed world has been transforming to open societies where civic liberties are enshrined in people(s) right to information which truly transpires in to transparent society. This state of affairs obviously build public confidence in government institutions and public functionaries as well. Over the time, E-governance has reshaped the world today and opened up many horizons of opportunities whose skillful use has potential to develop well informed AJ&K society without expensing precious resources and time. Being centrally placed in Government establishment, the S&GAD all the times maneuvers to establish paradigms for efficient service delivery by manipulating emerging technologies. Nevertheless, many milestones are ahead whose attainment is inevitable to bring tangible change in existing patterns. This change can come through building our professional capacities to take on the future challenges to actualize responsive governance in the State. However, I am confident that our ongoing sustained efforts will be useful in achieving the benefits of paradigm shift and to pace up with the essential requirements for tangible contribution to enable transforming into affective public service delivery.