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محکمہ سروسز،پنشنرزفسیلٹیشن سیل کی سطح سے ریٹائرڈ ملازمین کی سہولت کے لئے پنشنرزکارڈ اجرائیگی کا اہتمام کر دیا گیا ہے۔۔۔محکمہ سروسز اینڈ جنرل ایڈمنسٹریشن آزاد کشمیر سے جاری شدہ جملہ پبلک دستاویزات کے حصول کے لیے “نوٹیفیکیشنز” اور “ڈاون لوڈز” سیکشن ملاحظہ کریں۔۔۔کورونا وائرس سے متعلق اعلی سطحی “اسٹیٹ کوارڈینیشن کمیٹئ” قائم۔۔۔


> Promotion of Executive Engineers (B-18) as Superintending Engineer (B-19) (V-Nos.) > Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Shafique Khan as Director Sericulture Time Scale Incentive B-19 in favour of Deputy Directors Audit (B-18) > Promotion of Mr. Ansar Yaqoob, officer AJ&KAS (B-19) against the post of Commissioner or equivalent cadre (B-20) on officiating basis > Observance of Office Timings (05 Days a Week, 07 Days a Week) > Temporary attachment of Officers with Staff to Emergency Control Room Home Deptt. > Two years extension in deputation period of Colonel Kashif Amin, AC (PA-34302) as Military Secretary to President AJ&K > Approval for the inclusion of Commander, 1-AK Brigade in the State Coordination Committee > Constitution of COVID-19 Reporting & Monitoring Cell (RMC), Additional Secretary (Gen/Incharge RMC), Director Operations (SDMA), Raja Toseef Naser Khan (System Administrator) > COVID-19 State Co-ordination Committee Instructions (Restricted Movement, Focal Persons Nominations) > Seniority List Protocol Officers S&GAD among Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi, Muhammad Kashif, Major(R) Sajjad Ahmed Mir > Transfer/Posting of Assistant Commissioners/EAC > Promotion Officers (B-19) Higher Education Department with date effect > Entitlement of Allowances to Employees of Prime Minister Inspection & Implementation Commission > Attachment of Syed Mazhar-ul-Hassan Gillani, Section Officer with S&GAD > Transfer/Postings Dr. Shehla Waqar as Secretary Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation & ESMA, Mr. Zafar Nabi Butt as Secretary Sports, Youth & Culture, Mr. Mansoor Qadir Dar as Secretary Physical Planning & Housing, Mr. Ata-ullah-Ata as Secretary Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell, Sardar Javed Ayub as Secretary Amoor-e-Dinia & Auqaf, Mr. Muhammad Tayyab as Secretary Planning & Development Deptt. > Inclusion of the Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir in State Co-ordination Committee > Constitution of State Co-ordination Committee regarding prevention and management of Corona Virus outbreak in AJ&K > Transfer/Posting of Mr. Muhammad Razzaq, Deputy Accountant General as Deputy Secretary (Budget Wing) Finance Deptt. > Promotion in favor of Appellant Dr. Shafqat Mehmood, Additional Principal Veterinary Officer (B-19) > Celebration of Historical Days in Azad Kashmir > Assigning Additional Charge of Secretary Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation & ESMA to Dr. Shehla Waqar Secretary Sports, Youth & Culture temporarily till further Orders > Azad Jammu & Kashmir Mangla Dam Housing Authority (MDHA) Mirpur Employees Service Rules. 2020 > Transfer/Posting of Mr. Humayun Khan, Section Officer PP&H, Syed Mazhar-ul-Hassan Gillani, Section Officer LG&RDD > Assigning Additional Charge of Director Sericulture (B-19) to Mr. Rizwanullah, Entomologist (B-18) > Transfer / Posting of Additional Principal Medical Officers and Specialist Cadre Doctors ( Dr. Zahoor Ahmed APMO B-19, Lady Dr. Amra Shaheen Specialist B-19, Dr. Zardad Khan Surgeon B-19) > Transfer / Posting of Mr. Muhammad Saleem Durani, Additional Superintendent Police Muzaffarabad against SP NJHP > Death Anniversary of Mr. Khurshid-ul-Hassan Khurshid (Late), Ex-President AJ&K on March 11, 2020 > Celebration of International Women Day, 08 March 2020 > Appointment of DSPs as SPs on current Charge basis (Mr. Sajid Imran, DSP as SP Bagh, Mr. Maqsood Ahmed Khan, DSP as SP Traffic) > Optional Retirement of Mr. Abdul Sattar, Associate Professor (B-19) > Optional Retirement of Ms. Nuzhat Bashir, Principal (B-19) > Appointment of Sardar Muhammad Javed Khan Advocate as Chairman Bagh Development Authority on contract basis > Approval for deputation of Mr. Khurram Ejaz, Senior Commerce Instructor (B-17) Higher Education Department > Regularization of Initial One year deputation and Extension of Deputation Period in favour of Ms. Shagufta Aslam, Assistant Professor (B-18) > AJ&K Emergency Service Employees (Appointment, Promotion, Transfer and Terms & Conditions of Service) Rules, 2020


Dr. Shahzad Khan Bangash

Dr. Shahzad Khan Bangash

Chief Secretary AJ&K

“Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir is highly resourceful geographic entity which is endowed with enormous natural resources and whose optimal use has tendency to entail abundant socio-economic benefits for its dwellers and meaningfully adding to public exchequer. We have to simply design and tap these resources coupled with innovative solutions. One will appreciate that technological advancements in recent times have paved the way for fastest dissemination of information and it remains up to us that how wisely we receive its undeniable societal benefits. If we are successful to translate our governance framework leveraging from technological solutions, realizing rule of law in governance dynamics isn’t a distant task. This is a credible way, I suppose, to simmer the real benefits for the public we serve and even can effectively antidote the adversaries in the dynamics of existing rule of law and good governance.  I look forward and am quite optimistic that this web portal of S&GAD will be a footprint for the rest of the functionaries to emulate and join a paradigm shift of e-governance to secure the objective of right to information and efficient service delivery”.

Dr. Liaqat Hussain

Dr. Liaqat Hussain

Secretary Services & General Administration Dept.

“AJK Civil Service—like federal or other provincial governments—is unequivocally meant for efficient public service delivery subsumed by the Constitution and the law; specifically to uphold the rule of law within governance framework. Today, the developed world has been transforming to open societies where civic liberties are enshrined in people(s) right to information which truly transpires in to transparent society. This state of affairs obviously build public confidence in government institutions and public functionaries as well. Over the time, E-governance has reshaped the world today and opened up many horizons of opportunities whose skillful use has potential to develop well informed AJ&K society without expending precious resources and time. Being centrally placed in Government establishment, the S&GAD all the times maneuvers to establish paradigms for efficient service delivery by manipulating emerging technologies. Nevertheless, many milestones are ahead whose attainment is inevitable to bring tangible change in existing patterns. This change can come through building our professional capacities to take on the future challenges to actualize responsive governance in the State. However, I am confident that our ongoing sustained efforts will be useful in achieving the benefits of paradigm shift and to pace up with the essential requirements for tangible contribution to enable transforming into effective public service delivery.”



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