Extension in deputation period of Mr. Shahzad Maqsood Satti, Account Officer in IDB14-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer/posting of Secretaries 10-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer posting of officers from police service08-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer posting of officers from police service08-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer posting of officers from police service08-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Repatriation of Mr. Tasleem Kousar,07-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Mr. Tanveer Hussain Khan Chief Eng. Electricity 06-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Repatriation of Mr. Kamran Azam Butt01-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Officers against the vacant posts on administrative grounds01-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Private Secretaries01-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Posting of officers on Administrative grounds01-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Posting of officers on Administrative grounds01-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Posting of officers on Administrative grounds01-09-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer Of Mr Abdul Sattar Khan31-08-2021DOWNLOAD
Suspension of Mr Abrar Azam26-08-2021DOWNLOAD
Charge of the Post of Amoor-e-Dinia24-08-2021DOWNLOAD
Posting of Ch Zulqurnain24-08-2021DOWNLOAD
Posting of Ch Zulqurnain24-08-2021DOWNLOAD
Charge of the Post of Secretary Food 14-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Extension of deputation period of Ms. Najwa Farooq 12-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Extension of deputation period of Ms. Najwa Farooq 12-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Charge of the Post of Secretary SEERA09-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Charge of the Post of Secretary SEERA09-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Committee to re-examine the Law titled "The AJ&K State subjects ACT, 2021"06-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Committee to re-examine the Law titled "The AJ&K State subjects ACT, 2021"06-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Ch Zulqurnain, Superintendent Police05-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Ch Zulqurnain, Superintendent Police05-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Grant of retrospective effects of Regular promotion as Assistant Commissioners02-07-2021DOWNLOAD
Repatriation of Mr. Hammad Rahim30-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Additional Charge of the Post of Conservator Forest30-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer/ Posting of officers on administrative grounds.29-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Basil Siddique, as Current Charge Commissioner Appeals28-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Rafique Khan as Additional Accountant General28-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Posting of Mr. Farooq Janjua ,as Secretary AJ&K TEVTA28-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Additional charge of the post of Administrator Zakat-o- Ushar24-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfer/ Posting of officers on Current Charge Basis:23-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Notification Regarding General Elections of AJ&K12-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Notification Regarding General Elections of AJ&K12-06-2021DOWNLOAD
Charge of Chairman Transport Authority/Secretary Transport 28-05-2021DOWNLOAD
Posting of Mr. Shakeel Qadir Khan as Chief Secretary, AJ&K28-05-2021DOWNLOAD
Adjustment of Ms. Tasleem Kousar19-04-2021DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Amjad Hussain Minhas16-04-2021DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Shabir Abbasi as Chief Officer 08-04-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfers/ Posting of officers on administrative grounds08-04-2021DOWNLOAD
Extension in contract Appointment26-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Extension in contract Appointment22-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfers/ Posting of Doctors from Health Dept.16-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfers/ Posting of officers16-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Transfers/ Posting of officers16-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Time Scale of Dr Shouket Hayyat12-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Extension of Dr Irshad Hussain12-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Adjustment of Dr Liaqat Mehmood12-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Extension of Dr Rashid Mehmood12-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Appointments of Maj. Gen (Rtd) Dr Abdul Khaliq Naveed12-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Ammendments in AJ&K Benevolent Fund and GI15-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Syed Mozim Ali Gillani10-03-2021DOWNLOAD
Notification Regarding Additional Charge of Officer S&GAD25-02-2021DOWNLOAD
Notification Regarding Publication of PhD. thesis 30-12-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointments of Dupty Superintendents Police against Superintendents Police16-12-2020DOWNLOAD
Additional Charge of the Post of Secretary Population Welfare Department23-12-2020DOWNLOAD
Adjustment of Officers15-12-2020DOWNLOAD
Re-Appointment of Additional Chief Secretary (General) as Ex-officio Managing Director of PPRA22-12-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Associate Professors (BS-19)22-12-2020DOWNLOAD
Tender Notice for Canteen, Opposite Block 04 Civil Secretariat Chatter Muzaffarabad04-12-2020DOWNLOAD
Presidential Award for Dr. Muhammad Ikhlaq, Medical Specialist, DHQH Kotli29-10-2020DOWNLOAD
Awards/Medals and letters of Appreciation
(Literature, Sports, Gallantry, Public Service and Others)
Office timing 21-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Ms. Shmaila Arshad, Section Officer Finance Department.
Mr. Munir Iqbal Section Officer S&GAD.
Mr. Tanveer Gull Section Officer Health Department.
Time Scale Incentive (BS-20) of Admin Cadre Officer / Additional Principal Medical Officers (BS-19/20) of Health Department. 15-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Luqman, Director Commercial Electricity (BS-19), as director General Tariff Surveillance/ Internal Audit Electricity Department on current charge basis. 14-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer of Section Officers,
Ms. Shmaila Arshad, Section Officer S&GAD as Section Officer Health Department.
Mr. Munir Iqbal Section Officer Health Department as Section Officer S&GAD.
Extension in Deputation period of Mr. Manzoor Hussain Awan, Superintendent Civil Secretariat as Assistant Director KIM.
Mr. Manzoor Hussain Butt, PA Civil Secretariat, as Private Secretary KIM.
Officiating Promotion of Mr. Ikram-Ul-Haq, Deputy Director (BS-18) as Director Women Development (BS-19) 07-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Mr. Qaisar Aurangzaib, Officer AJ&KAS (Officiating BS-18)06-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Posting of Dr. Shahzad Khan Bangash (BS-21) Officer of Pakistan as Chief Secretary AJ&K. 03-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement on superannuation
Ms. Anees Fatima, Principle (BS-19) Govt. Girls High School Bagh,
Ms. Shamim Muzaffar, Principle (BS-19) Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Panjgran, Muzaffarabad
Transfer / Posting of Mr. Iqbal Hassan, AC (BS-17) as AC Barnala,
Mr. Zahid Hussain, EAC is attached with BoR
Promotion of Associate Professor as Principals (B-20)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Assistant Professors (B-18) Female Cadre as Associate Professors (B-19) (XIV Nos.)02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Executive Engineers (B-18) as Superintending Engineer (B-19) (V-Nos.)02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Assistant Professors (B-18) as Associate Professor (B-19)(XXIV)02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Deputy Conservator Forest (BS-18) / Officiating Conservator Forest (BS-19) as conservator Forest (BS-19) on regular Basis.02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Dr. Muhammad Dilpazir Khan as Chief Planning Secretariat Agriculture & Livestock (B-19)02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Shafique Khan as Director Sericulture02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Dr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi (B-18) as Additional Principal Veterinary Officer (B-19)02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Raja Zahid Hussain Superintending Engineering01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Officers AJ&K Administrative Services (B-18) in Additional Commissioners & Equivalent Cadre (B-19) on regular basis (V Nos.)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Principals/ Associate Professors (B-19) Female Cadre as Principal/Professor (B-20) (VI Nos.)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Arif Mir, Deputy Comptroller (B-18) as Comptroller (B-19)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Admin Cadre Officers B-19, Health Department (II Nos.)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Javed Ejaz, SE(B-19) as Chief Engineer (B-20)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Proforma/Notional Promotion of Ms. Nazar Batool, Principal (B-19) as Principal (Professor) B-2001-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Shahid Hussain Khan, Deputy Secretary (B-18) as Additional Secretary (B-19)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Gulzar Hussain as DG ESMA (B-20) on regular basis01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Hayat Khan as DG Surveillance (B-20) 01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mir Muhammad Faheem, Deputy Director Industries (B-18)02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Qazi, Executive Director (B-20)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Amjad Ali Khan, Deputy Secretary (B-18) as Additional Secretary (B-19)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Officiating Directors Education (B-19) as Director Education Planning (B-19) on regular basis02-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Superintending Engineers (B-19) as Chief Engineer (B-20)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Syed Zaheer Hussain Gardezi, SE(B-19) as DG LG&RDD (B-20)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Assistant Commissioners (B-17) in Deputy Commissioners (B-18) cadre on regular basis (IV Nos.)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Rashid Kaleem, Deputy Secretary (B-18) as Additional Secretary (B-19)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Shahid Ayub B-20 on regular basis w.e.f. 25-03-202001-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Conservator Forests (B-19) as Chief Conservator Forests(B-20) (03 Nos.)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Mir, Deputy Director (B-18) as Principal (B-19)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Rashad Hanif, Additional Secretary (B-19) as Senior Additional Secretary (B-20)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Dr. Niaz Ahmed Rathore, Principal Dental Surgeon (B-19)01-07-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Assistant Professors (B-18) as Associate Professor (B-19),
Mr. Abdul Rauf, Mr. Anwar Hussain Khan, Mr. Muhammad Younis
Withdrawal of Notification Transfer/Posting Higher Education Department to extend of Serial No. IV, V, VI31-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Extension in Services of BISP on deputation basis Mr Muhammad Iqbal, Senior Teacher, Mr. Marwat Hussain, Head Master (B-17)31-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Mr. Muhammad Younas Nadeem, Principal (B-19)31-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval of TORs in favour of Chaoudhary Muhammad Afzal, MD AJ&K Power Foundation31-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Confirmation of Mr. Faisal Mughal as Assistant Commissioner (B-17) 30-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Ansar Yaqoob, officer AJ&KAS (B-19) against the post of Commissioner or equivalent cadre (B-20) on officiating basis30-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Additional Secretaries (IV Nos.)30-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for cancellation of remaining 270 Days ex-Pakistan leave on half pay in favour of Mr. Ehsan Khalid Kiyani, Secretary to Govt. (B-21)30-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning additional charge of Program Manager DRU, Bagh to Mr. Abdul Hameed Kiyani, DC Bagh 30-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Observance of Office Timings (05 Days a Week, 07 Days a Week)27-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Temporary attachment of Officers with Staff to Emergency Control Room Home Deptt.27-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning Additional Charge of Section Officer (Gen-II) to Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi, Protocol Officer (B-17) S&GAD 27-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Two years extension in deputation period of Colonel Kashif Amin, AC (PA-34302) as Military Secretary to President AJ&K25-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning of Magistrate - I to officers (07 Nos.)25-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Mr. Muhammad Ayub Awan, officer AJ&KAS (B-18) as Deputy Commissioner Haveli25-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning Additional Charge of Additional Secretary (Home) to Chaudhary Mukhtar Hussain, Addl. Secretary/PSO to Chief Secretary25-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Deputation of Mr. Abdul Razzaq, Accounts Officer (B-18), AG Office AJ&K to BISE Mirpur20-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for inclusion of Commander, 1-AK Brigade in the State Coordination Committee20-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Mr. Katab Khan, Pricipal (B-19)20-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Mr. Sajjad Hussain Butt, Superintending Engineer (B-19) C&W20-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning the charge of Secretary PDO to Secretary Electricity20-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Time-Scale Incentive (B-21) in favour of Mr. Muhammad Yasin Qureshi, DIG Police (BS-20) Special Branch/Security20-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Constitution of COVID-19 Reporting & Monitoring cell (RMC), Additional Secretary (Gen/Incharge RMC), Director Operations (SDMA), Raja Toseef Naser Khan (System Administrator)20-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Ban on Gazetted, Non-Gazetted Appointments 19-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Donation of Salary from Public Officials, Govt. Employees for COVID-19 Prevention,
MLAs (15 Days),
Officers B-21 to 22 (05 Days),
Officers B-19 to 20 (04 Days),
Officers B-16 to 18 (03 Days)
COVID-19 State Co-ordination Committee Instructions (Restricted Movement, Focal Persons Nominations19-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Postings DIGs & Others (VII Nos.)18-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/ Postings Commissioners & Others (IX Nos.)18-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Seniority List Protocol Officers S&GAD among Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi, Muhammad Kashif, Major(R) Sajjad Ahmed Mir17-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Assistant Commissioners/EAC (XX Nos.)14-03-2019DOWNLOAD
Constitution of State Co-ordination Committee 14-03-2019DOWNLOAD
Promotion Officers (B-19) Higher Education Department with date effect13-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Entitlement of Allowances to Employees of Prime Minister Inspection & Implementation Commission13-03-2019DOWNLOAD
Attachment of Syed Mazhar-ul-Hassan Gillani, Section Officer with S&GAD13-03-2019DOWNLOAD
Dr. Shehla Waqar as Secretary Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation & ESMA,
Mr. Zafar Nabi Butt as Secretary Sports, Youth & Culture,
Mr. Mansoor Qadir Dar as Secretary Physical Planning & Housing,
Mr. Ata-ullah-Ata as Secretary Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell,
Sardar Javed Ayub as Secretary Amoor-e-Dinia & Auqaf,
Mr. Muhammad Tayyab as Secretary Planning & Development Deptt.
Inclusion of the Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir in State Co-ordination Committee12-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Constitution of State Co-ordination Committee regarding prevention and management of Corona Virus outbreak in AJ&K10-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning additional charge of Additional Secretary PP&HD to Syeda Sabeen Naz Gillani, Deputy Secretary PP&H during SMC of Mr. Abdul Sattar Khan 09-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Mr. Muhammad Razzaq, Deputy Accountant General as Deputy Secretary (Budget Wing) Finance Deptt.09-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion in favour of Appellant Dr. Shafqat Mehmood, Additional Principal Veterinary Officer (B-19) 09-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Celebration of Historical Days in Azad Kashmir09-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning Additional Charge of Secretary Agriculture, Animal Husbandary, Irrigation & ESMA to Dr. Shehla Waqar Secretary Sports, Youth & Culture temporarily till further Orders06-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Mr. Humayun Khan, Section Officer PP&H, Syed Mazhar-ul-Hassan Gillani, Section Officer LG&RDD06-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Assigning Additional Charge of Director Sericulture (B-19) to Mr. Rizwanullah, Entomologist (B-18)06-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Azad Jammu & Kashmir Mangla Dam Housing Authority (MDHA) Mirpur Employees Service Rules. 202005-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Additional Principal Medical Officers and Specialist Cadre Doctors ( Dr. Zahoor Ahmed APMO B-19, Lady Dr. Amra Shaheen Specialist B-19, Dr. Zardad Khan Surgeon B-19)05-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Mr. Muhammad Saleem Durani, Additional Superintendent Police Muzaffarabad against SP NJHP05-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Death Anniversary of Mr. Khurshid-ul-Hassan Khurshid (Late), Ex-President AJ&K on March 11, 202005-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Celebration of International Women Day, 08 March 202005-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of DSPs as SPs on current Charge basis (Mr. Sajid Imran, DSP as SP Bagh, Mr. Maqsood Ahmed Khan, DSP as SP Traffic)04-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Optional Retirement of Mr. Abdul Sattar, Associate Professor (B-19)03-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Optional Retirement of Ms. Nuzhat Bashir, Principal (B-19)03-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Sardar Muhammad Javed Khan Advocate as Chairman Bagh Development Authority on contract basis03-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for deputation of Mr. Khurram Ejaz, Senior Commerce Instructor (B-17) Higher Education Department 03-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for Retirement of Sardar Muhammad Shafique Khan, Officiating Director (B-19) Sericulture Department03-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Regularization of Initial One year deputation and Extension of Deputation Period in favour of Ms. Shagufta Aslam, Assistant Professor (B-18)03-03-2020DOWNLOAD
AJ&K Emergency Service Employees (Appointment, Promotion, Transfer and Terms & Conditions of Service) Rules, 202003-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement on Superannuation of Ms. Tanveer Ara, Principal (B-19), Ms. Firdous Shaheen, Principal (B-19) 02-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Sardar Abdul Shakoor Siddiqui, Officiating Director Public Instructions (B-20)02-03-2020DOWNLOAD
The AJ&K Food Department Service Rules, 202002-03-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in AJK Rules of Business, 1985 (Schedule-II, Part A of Item No. 18 after Clause(e) of Serial No. 21, a new clause (f) shall be added)27-02-2019DOWNLOAD
Amendment in AJK Disaster Management Authority Service Rules 2017 (Deputy Director B-18)27-02-2019DOWNLOAD
Approval for Back Date Effect Promotion of Officers in B-19 of Elementary & Secondary Education (68 Nos.)25-02-2019DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Mr. Muhammad Saleem(SO), Khuwaja Muhammad Jamil(SO), Mr. Imran Saleem(SO)25-02-2019DOWNLOAD
AJK Agriculture Department Service Rules, 2001( Deputy Director Crop Reporting Services B-18, Assistant Director Crop Reporting Services B-17) 25-02-2019DOWNLOAD
Approval for Promotion of Appellants as Associate Professors (07 Nos.)25-02-2019DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Officers of Elementary & Secondary Education (10 Nos.)25-02-2019DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Hafiz Muhammad Suleman, Associate Professor Islamiat (B-19)25-02-2019DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Ms. Nazma Kafaiat, Principal (B-19)25-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Donation of Half-Day Basic Salary of Govt Employees for Glacier/Snowfall Affected in Neelum Valley25-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in AJK Health Department Service Rules, 1984 [Deputy Director (Statistics) B-18]24-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Precedence Order for pictures in Public Offices ( Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Ch. Ghulam Abbas Khan, Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan and Mujahid-e-Awwal Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan)24-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment/ Insertion in AJK Employees Benevolent Fund & Group Insurance Trust (Non-Gazetted)24-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Committee for analysis, suggestions, recommendations post 13th Amendment 21-02-2020DOWNLOAD
One year extension in deputation period of Mr. Muhammad Haris Khan, Assistant S&GAD21-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Six Months extension in Contract Appointment of Dr. Muhammad Ayub (Prof. Physiology),
Dr. Muhammad Munir (Prof. Pathology),
Dr. Muhammad Humayun (Prof. Forensic Medicine)
Approval for placing services of Sr. Syed Mohsin Ali Shah current charge Senior Medical Officer (B-18) at the disposal of World Health Organization (WHO)21-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement on Superannuation of Mr. Muhammad Shabir Sharif, Chief Technologist Pathology (B-19)20-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for one year extension in deputation period of Mr. Bagh Wali, Senior Auditior (B-16), Kh. Nisar Ahmad, Senior Auditor (B-16)20-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in notification regarding deputation of Mr. Amir Shahzad, Assistant Engineer (B-17)20-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Mr. Javed Ejaz, Superintending Engineer (B-19) C&W Department19-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Committee for Issuance of NOC, lands and illegal expansion in banned areas 19-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval of fifteen Days Ex-Pakistan leave in favour of Ms. Tehzib-un-Nisa, officer (B-20)19-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Committee to look into the issue of increase in price and shortage of flour in AJK19-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Committee to look into matter Agenda Item No. 02 Cabinet Meeting titled "Amendment in West Pakistan Highways Ordinance 1959 (Ordinance XXXII of 1959) Ordinance (Adaption) Act, 195919-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Committee to look into Agenda Item No. 13 Cabinet Meeting titled "The AJK Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill"19-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Committee to look into issue of colony of Health Department19-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Syed Waheed Ali Gillani as Superintendent Police Sudhnoti on current charge basis18-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement on superannuation of Mr. Zulfiqar Aziz Abbasi, Assistant Commissioner (B-17) 18-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for assigning additional charge of Superintending Engineer Electricity (B-19) to Mr. Ziad Akbar, Senior most Executive Engineer Electricity 18-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for extension in contract appointment of Mr. Tariq Mehmood as Advisor Monitoring & Evaluation 17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Kh. Zulfiqar Ali, Stenographer as Private Secretary (B-17) Discretionary,
Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Khan as PRO (B-16) Discretionary
Conversion of Transfer /Posting of Syed Abid Hussain Bukhari, Chairman AJK Textbook Board into Deputation on one step higher basis for a period of Three years 17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for current charge appointment of Mr. Mazhar Farooq Janjua as Senior Additional Secretary, PM Secretariat17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting Mr. Shahid Hussain Khan as DS E&S Education,
Mr. Shoukat Khan (B-18) as DS Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Dept.
Retirement on superannuation of Raja Muhammad Razzaque, Secretary (B-20)17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement on superannuation of Chaudhary Muhammad Sadiq, Director Audit (B-19)17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Naseer Ahmad, Personal Assistant (B-16) as Private Secretary (B-17) (Discretionary) 17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting MS. Tasleem Kausar as DS Secretariat Amoor-e-Dinia & Auqaf,
Mr. Taskhir Ahmad Awan as DS Population Welfare
Retirement of Ms. Tahira Samina, Principal (B-19)17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for Retirement of Syed Sabir Hussain Trimzi, Chief Planning Forests (B-19),
Mr. Mohammad Feroz Awan, Conservator Forests (B-19)
Optional Retirement of Ms. Iffat Ara, Principal (B-19)17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for grant of Personal Scale (B-20) in favour of Mr. Jumma Khan, Additional Secretary (Budget) Finance 17-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Syed Zaheer Hussain Gardezi, Senior most superintending Engineer(B-19) as DG LG&RDD14-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in AJK Industries, Commerce, Labour, Mineral Development and Sericulture Department Service Rules, 1995 (Superintendent B-17)13-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Section Clerks (B-14)/ officiating Assistants as Assistants (B-16)13-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting Ms. Farhat Yasmeen, Principal (B-19),
Ms. Nighat Shaheen, Senior Head Mistress (B-19)
Retirement on superannuation of Dr. Asif Mehmood Qureshi, Additional Principal Medical Officer (B-19)11-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of officers on account of superannuation (28 Nos.)11-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in AJK Education Department Service Rules 1994 (Assistant Parokar B-16)11-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in Prime Minister Secretariat Rules 2019 (Chef B-10, Naib Qasid B-01)11-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Additional Charge Section Officer Finance to Mr. Muhammad Zaheer 10-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Precedence Order of Pictures in Public Offices (Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Ch. Ghulam Abbas, Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Mujahid-e-Awal Sardar Abdul Qayum Khan)10-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Seniority List Head of Departments (B-19) Officers Attached with Departments (B-19) with positions present in Common Pool Cadre (B-20)07-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting Ms. Tehzib-un-Nisa attachment with S&GAD, Ch. Muhammad Altaf, officer management group (B-19) as Chief Administrator Zakat-o-Ushar04-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Officer Management Group (Acting Charge B-20) on regular basis04-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Naeem, OMG (Acting Charge B-20) on regular basis04-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Recommendation of Selection Board 1 held 08-01-2020 (Promotions - VII Nos.)04-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Syed Saleem Hussain Kazmi, Chief Planning Health as Senior Chief Planning Health (B-20)04-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of officers Management Group (B-19) as current Charge (B-20) Ms. Tehzib-un-Nisa, Mr. Muhammad Fareed04-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval of Terms & Conditions in favour of Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Member Technical (B-19) DAM Muzaffarabad04-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting Ms. Nadia Sami as Additional Secretary (Finance), Finance Deptt.
Mr. Majid Iqbal, Additional Secretary (Budget) Finance on Current Charge Basis
Transfer/ Posting Mr. Gulzar Hussain Private Secretary (Current Charge)03-02-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Additional Principal Medical Officers (B-19) Health Dept.31-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Extension in Contract Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Bashir Khan as DG (B-20) FERRP31-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer Posting of Mr. Raqiaz Ahmad Kiyani, Associate Professor History (B-19)30-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Placement of Services of Mr. Kamran Azam Butt, Director Industries & Commerce Deptt. 30-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting Mr. Bashir Ahmad Sulehria PS, Ch. Muhammad Manzoor PS30-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Qadeer Awan Deputy Secretary S&GAD30-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Adjustment of Ms. Zahida Parveen, Associate Professor History (B-19)30-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in Police Rules, 193430-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Stay till Court Orders, appointment of Mr. Ansar Yaqoob (B-19) Officer Management Group30-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Time Sale Incentive (B-19) in favour of Raja Muhammad Ashraf Khan Superintendent Police Telecommunication (B-18)28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of SSPs, DSPs against vacant posts of DIG and SSP on Current Charge28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Rashid Hussain as Public Relation Officer (B-16) Discretionary 28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Lt. Col (Retd.) Waheed Muzaffar as Director (B-19) AJ&K Armed Services Board28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Ms. Sajida Bahar, Director (Admin) B-1928-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting (07 Nos.)28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement on superannuation Officers of Police 28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval for Retirement of Ms. Shamim Baqar, Associate Professor Political Science (B-19) (Time-Scale B-20)28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Mr. Liaqat Hussain, Principal (B-19), Mr. Muhammad Raza Khan, Principal (B-19)28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Mr. Zia-Ullah28-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval of Ex-Pakistan Leave Dr. Umar Muhammad Azam, Deputy Commisioner Kotli27-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in Notification Postings Private Secretaries22-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Amendment in Notification of Appointment of Mr. Aftab Ahmad, Mr. Shoukat Ali22-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Ch. Muhammad Afzal (Retd. Chief Engineer) as MD AJK Power Foundation21-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement on Superannuation (06 Nos.) 21-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Section Clerks (B-14) as Assistants (B-14)21-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting Mr. Daud Ahmad Sawati, Mr. Aftab Ahmad, Mr. Shoukat Ali Siddique Section Officers20-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Afzal, Assistant (B-16) as PS Discretionary 20-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Qadeer Khan against the discretionary post of Public Relation Officer (B-16)20-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Seniority List Officers Management Group (B-19) Additional Commissioners / Equivalent Cadre 17-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Stenographers (B-14)17-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Seniority List Office Management Group (B-19)17-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Tranfer / Posting Mr. Bashir Ahmad Sulehria Private Secretary, Mr. Gulzar Hussain Personal Assistant17-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer / Posting of Ms. Anees Fatima, Subject Specialist (B-19)17-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Akram, Principal (B-19)17-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting of Ms. Jahan Ara Sharif, Principal (B-19)17-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad, Private Secretary (B-17)16-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Raja Zubair Sarwar, Senior Scale Stenographer16-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Attachment of Dr. Arshad Mahmood Qureshi, Surgeon/ Specialist (B-19)16-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Attachment of Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, ENT Specialist (B-18)16-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Adjustment of Noor Alam Zia, Private Secretary (B-17)15-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Stenographers (B-14)14-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Senior Scale Stenographers (B-16)14-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Extension in contract appointment of Lt, Col. (R) Shahid Ahmed as Director AJK Cross LOC Travel & Trade Authority14-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Time Scale Incentive B-19 in favour of Deputy Accountant Generals13-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq Khan, Associate Professor (B-19)13-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Time Scale Incentive B-19 in favour of Deputy Directors Audit (B-18)13-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Attachment of Specialist Cadre Doctors (B-19) Health Dept.10-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Approval of 28 Days Ex-Pakistan leave in favour of Mr. Muhammad Tayyab, Commissioner Mirpur Div.10-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Raja Shahid Zamir, Assistant (B-16) as Private Secretary (B-17) Discretionary 10-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Optional retirement of Sardar Muhammad Arif Khan, Chief Conservator Forests (B-20)09-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Time Scale Incentive B-21 in favour of Secretaries to Govt.09-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Sardar Muhammad Rahim Khan retired Secretary to Govt. as Directing Staff, KIM09-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Time Scale incentive B-21 in favour of Mr. Tahir Mahmood Qureshi DIG Police09-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Merger of Special Pay as Deputy Commissioner (B-18) in Basic Pay of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Khan 09-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Charge of Chief Engineer Rathoya Haryam Bridge Project09-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Ms. Ghulam Kulsoom Butt, Associate Professor B-19 (Time Scale B-20)06-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Ms. Zahida Paveen, Associate Professor B-19 (Time Scale B-20)06-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Confirmation of 02 Probationary Protocol Officers S&GAD 06-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Optional Retirement of Mr. Tariq Haider Khan Senior Subject Specialist (B-19)06-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Mr. Astmatullah Shah (B-20) (PA&AS) as Secretary Finance GoAJK03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Personal Assistants (B-16)/Current Charge Private Secretaries03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Assistants (B-16)/Current Charge Superintendents03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Transfer/Posting Section Officers03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Assistants(B-16)/Officiating Superintendents03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Personel Assistants (B-16)/Officiating Private Secretaries03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Private Secretaries (B-17)/Current Charge Section Officer03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Superintendents03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Superintendents (B-17)/Current Charge Section Officers03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Private Secretaries03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Mr. Ayub Superintendent/ Officiating Section Officer03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Private Secretaries/Officiating Section Officers03-01-2020DOWNLOAD
Deputy Secretary (B-18) Civil Secretariat Seniority List02-01-2020DOWNLOAD


Secretary Law to hear Objections Raised on tentative Seniority List of SPs Police (B-18)01-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Current Charge Appointment of Mr. Asim Shoukat against the post of Commissioner Inland Revenue 14-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Retirement on superannuation of Mr. Maqbool Hussain Superintendent (B-17) Secretariat Law18-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Retirement on superannuation of Mr. Arshad Mehmood, Deputy Commisioner (B-18) 18-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
10 Days Ex-Pakistan Leave in favour of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan18-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Assistants(B-16) against temporarily vacant posts of Superintendents on current charge basis19-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Appointment of Personal Assistants (B-16) against temporarily vacant posts of Private Secretaries on current charge basis 19-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Transfer Posting, Mr. Javed-ul-hassan Javed (B-20) as DG (M&E) P&DD.
Mr. Mazhar Farooq Janjua as MD AKLASC,
Mr. Muhammad Rshid Hanif as Senior Additional Secretary Prime Minister Secretariat
Services of Dr. Aisha Butt at the disposal of Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division GoP 20-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Transfer Posting, Mr. Shahid Hussain Khan as Deputy Secretary Agriculture,
Mr. Arshad Hussain Awan as Deputy Secretary Forests, AKLASC, Wildlife & Fisheries
Appointments of Private Secretaries against the temporarily vacant posts of Section Officers on current Charge Basis21-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Appointments of Superintendents against the temporarily vacant posts of Section Officers on current charge basis21-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Female Officers (B-18) against the posts of Principal (B-19) Female Cadre on recommendations of Selection Board No. 1 (18-10-2019)21-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Services of Mr. Amir Shahzad Assistant Engineer (B-17) PDO as Deputy Director(B-17) ERRA GoP21-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Assigning of additional Duties of Deputy Secretary(Gazetted II, III,Selection Board 2) to Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mughal Deputy Secretary (Cabinet, Litigation, Inquiry) 21-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Retirement of Ms. Nasreen Ayesha, Principal (B-20)21-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Decision based on Recommendations of Inquiry Committee relevant to Development Scheme "Improving Efficiency of Govt. Printing Press" 22-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Current Charge Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Shafique as Director Agriculture (Research) Agriculture Department22-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Transfer Posting, Mr. Abdul Qayyum Mughal as Director Works (Mirpur Development Authority),
Mr. Muhammad Shafiq-ur-Rahman as Member Technical (Development Authority Muzaffarbabad),
Mr. Nadeem Iqbal as Director Design Office of Chief Engineer PWD Buildings, Muzaffarabad
Transfer Posting, Mr. Muhammad Afraz Khan attached with S&GAD,
Mr. Sajjad Hussain Butt as Chief Engineer Buildings/Public Health Engineering (North) on current charge basis
Retirement on superannuation of Raja Manzoor Hussain, Senior Chief of Section (B-20) P&DD 25-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Six months extension in deputation period of Dr. Naeem Khalid Chaudhry, Surgical Specialist(B-18) to Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia26-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Six months extension in Deputation Period of Lady Dr. Tuba Chaudhry, Additional Principal Medical Officer (BS-19) to Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia26-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Establishment of Department of Inland Revenue and Appointment of Mr. Farhat Ali Mir ACS(Gen. B-21) as Secretary Department of Inland Revenue26-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Current Charge Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Suleman Khan as Director Forests, Reforestation Division Muzaffarabad26-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Senior Scale Stenographers (B-16) on Officiating Basis26-11-2019CLICK TO DOWNLOAD